Master Adinkarella has become conscious of this life, being initiated in “Art of Being”, so he has begun his Supreme Work on Earth from three years, channeling and healing thousands of people.
Since it has begun its work to date, it devotes its life to bringing the Light of Souls to every body on earth, awakens dormant consciousness and elevates Souls to all the countries of the world.
It features personal development courses across the planet that are based on new techniques and methods, new information that has not previously appeared on Earth that is of real use in the evolutionary process that produces profound transformations at all levels and at all levels Levels starting from within each.

Author of several books that are translated into several languages, bring clarity to all the concepts and systems that have originated from the origins to the present day, bringing continuity and awareness to every being on the earth.
Her messages correspond to the current moment of human awareness, awakening to the ultimate reality, and initiation into a new supreme evolutionary system.

It is absolutely necessary to move from obsolete and wrong systems of spirituality to a New System of Evolution in the Supreme by initiating the Soul.
There is no question of changing the world, but your concepts, histories, ideas, wrong mentalities that prevented you from moving forward.

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