Master of States who brings from Supreme Consciousness New Transcendental Evolutionary Techniques for the purpose of recreating beings through the Art of Being.

These New Techniques bring the Soul, body and consciousness of the past to align them with the New Resonance, in a Permanent Different Presence. In this state, each one realizes himself, his life, his reality, who he is, why he is here, what he has to do, what he really needs to continue his evolutionary journey. It is everyone’s duty to overcome their mental and conceptual boundaries now.

Accepting every challenge for the New Destiny, she is here to receive and accompany each one to where she decides.

The author of several books to clarify the past, Adinkarela brings New Evolutionary Techniques that have not been presented so far on earth.
They are translated into several languages in order to make themselves known and to help the real seekers who correspond to these times of great transformation on all planes and planetary levels of creation and mankind.

New Techniques help create the connection between the Soul and the Supreme Consciousness, who is the Inner Masters of each being to overcome their limited condition, to open their third eye to developing their intuition in order to free themselves from Past archives and systems.
Through these New Techniques peace, tranquility, balance, inner silence, and the intuitive perception that creates well-being at all levels is gaining.

Through the conferences, the seminars, the courses that Master Adinkarela presents all over the world, the Energy of Rejuvenation of the Supreme Peace and Inner Love is expanding.
They create a New Principle of Change and Transformation at all levels of energy, physical, mental, emotional and functional.

Her presence here is not to change the world, but to show everyone how to change their mentality, misconceptions, and mistakes, replacing them with the new ones that correspond to these evolutionary stages, so that everyone can jump into a Higher level of consciousness and evolution.