Emotions and inner states reevolution

Boot Camp
Emotions and inner states reevolution
Bali, Indonesia 20 – 30 November 2017

The retreat will be carried out in a wonderful space in a Private Resort in Ubud, Bali – Indonesia.

Early bird discounts available
2250 eur/pax if paid between 1-30th of September
2500 eur/pax if paid between 1-31th of October
3300 eur/pax if paid after 1st of November

Special Discounts:
Participants in one retreat of 2016 summer benefits from a discount of 50 eur.
Participants in 2 retreats of 2016 in Phuket and Bali or Rio de Janeiro have a discount of 100 eur.
Participants in 3 retreats in Phuket, Bali, Rio de Janeiro and Busteni have a discount of 150 eur.
Students have a 100 Eur discount.
Couples have a 50 Eur discount.

-Shuttle Transfer from the Denpasar Airport (IATA code DPS) to Bali private resort
-10 workshop days
-Coffee Breaks
-One day Surprise excursion to the paradise of the exotic islands.

Accommodation and Flight ticket to Bali.
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-The Basics of Emotional Wisdom
-New energetic protection techniques
-Deep forgiveness practical exercises with yourself and with people that hurt you
-Intensive exercises to open the third eye and intuitive vision -Detoxification of mental toxic archives
-Emotional toxic archives profound cleaning
-Physical and energetic body detox
-Fine intuitive perception development
-Effective and Efficient energy balancing methods
-Cleaning Exercises of familiar customs that affect your life
-New emotional availability techniques to find your true partner and true love
-Exercises to avoid evolutive stuck
-Techniques to clarify the meaning and origin of Negative thoughts and how to get rid of them
-Methods to find out if what you have chosen is useful in your life and in your evolution
-New techniques to connect and dialogue with your Soul -Release of blockages and fears of yourself
-Techniques to release fears of physical, mental and emotional aggressions
-Quick techniques to control emotions
– Techniques to activate and balance femininity and masculinity in your body
-Simple techniques to calm and balance you every day
-New Techniques for Cleaning the Pineal Gland
-New Methods to Clean Karmic Blockages
-Methods to clean and enhance your DNA
-Methods to regain confidence in yourself
-1 day of experimental work in a different time-space vector
-1 day full of surprises

The people who participate in our retreats, especially come to receive the new techniques, methods, exercises, and information that they need for each stage of their evolution, but the real value they take home is the new connection with themselves and with the Supreme Conscious that will help them advance faster on their evolution quest.

Forbidden techniques

Our events bring together Masters full of desire on a mission to inspire and who wish to prepare themselves with new techniques and methods unavailable so far, for the following evolutionary stages, in an exotic place for 10 days.
Are you in the search for something that brings you deep changes?
Do not miss this extraordinary opportunity, where you can learn by enjoying the connection with yourself in a new adventure that will lead you to a higher state of consciousness.
If you are dedicated to personal growth and evolutionary development, and you want to connect with beings that are in the same search as you, it is time to dare to participate in this tropical retreat where the main focus is enjoying you transforming.
Join our group in an extraordinary space at a private resort in Ubud, Bali. An ideal place for reconnection with yourself and with the Supreme Consciousness that is your higher inner guide.
For 10 days you will experience new exercises, forbidden until now, that will allow you to reach New Levels of Consciousness and Evolution.
Every day you will enjoy Tropical Jungle and rice fields where you will have the possibility to work with new energies that will help you to become what you need to BE.
It is a great privilege to realize what you are not so that you LEARN TO BE.
During the retreat, you will receive all the indications and necessary methods to rebuild yourself from within and to live a different but real present.
Everything that you will learn and experience, will serve you to the New Destiny, the reconnection with your essence.
You will be free of all the emotional archives of the past and when integrating the new techniques and methods you will create a significant change of mentalities and concepts about you, about your life and your destiny, about the relationship with yourself and others.
You will understand the need to create at all times reasons to be happy.