Although I have participated in many camps organized by Adinkarela, I can say that no camp is the same. No exercise or activity is the same in these camps. Everything is completely different. Every camp is different. I went to this camp with the desire to learn many things about me and to evolve. I knew it would not be easy or pleasant for my mind to accept certain things about me, but I know that only this way I get clean and receive the supreme light. I started to know myself, to discover myself, to figure out how I work and why I work in a certain way, why I behave in a certain way.

Silvia, Bucharest

After the camp, I felt that the energy field that surrounds me is bigger and it was impressive to touch the “state” very quickly. There was a state of personal, torturing, recalling, integrating the new state in which I was. I began to trust much more in myself, in what I am.

G Brasoveanu, Bucharest

My name is C, and four years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I did the tumor removal surgery, followed by radiotherapy. After radiotherapy, I was advised to have specific medical treatment and surgery to remove the genital organs … I did not agree. I knew inside that there was nothing but radical use of. The blessing was that I met Adinkarella … ..the following was great. After Deep Power Cleanup, I followed the Evolution Initiative course where I realized that that one of me was my Master Master who was the one who guided me. For this suffering, Adinkarela has recommended to me the TREMATOD operation that worm from the human body’s cells responsible for the onset of cancer. Due to the stress and emotional states accumulated, red spots appeared on my face, neck and chest area. Their solution was the operation of DEMODEX.
Now I can tell from my soul that I have found the peace and the peace of mind we all need so much.

My name is Roxana and I am the mother of a 9-year-old boy until we reach Adinkarela with serious behavioral problems. We were terrified when we had to go and take it from school because every day something happens and when I say everyday that was it. Every day we receive complaints from parents, colleagues and teacher. I did not know what we could do because I was about to be disciplined. Until then, I tried psychologists, therapies, strict program … I thought we did everything we could, because I had never heard of Adinkarela. From the moment we discussed and started to do some work, I can say that our lives have changed radically. With much faith, patience and much help from Adinkarela, we can go head-to-head, no longer afraid to go to school, and here the teacher can quote “I have nothing to say to you, his behavior is as it should, no longer Bothers hours, stops hitting kids, watches hours. ” Thousands of thanks to Adinkarella without her help we would not have succeeded. Finally, we are a quiet and happy family. Once again thousands of thanks.


I do not know what I could say for people to learn from my experience. I do not know how to say in words that one year after I met Papi I became another man. Richer? Not. Happier. I have learned to be and trust my Soulfriend. Now I know He’s beside me, through me, with me. Why did not we know that before? Because, with my mind incensed, I could not have taken that much.
People come to Papi for various reasons, but none of them think he’s happy about what he is. Our worries, fears, illnesses, addicts. All this disappears after you learn to be and learn to let life flow in its natural course.
Others are waiting for confirmations and miracles. I also waited. I got a stand near Papi. The most eloquent situation was when my girlfriend called me and asked me to speak with Papi urgently because her neighbor felt so bad that he would return that night, And she, this time, could not help her any more. What’s next? Papi told us that the line of her life had not ended, and the old man returned so well that she laughed in the morning and found her power to go shopping. There have been many situations like this, not just one, but until you live, you do not think it exists.
What will definitely amaze you when you meet Papi is that she will not try to make you dependent on something or someone, not even her, but will look back at you only. You will come to know and realize everything you propose without supporting you next to you. And in time, you will become a great help to those around you. What can be more beautiful?

My father is 93 years old and 10 years old is facing Alzeimer’s disease. The state of health was getting worse, and I thought his end was coming. He has not eaten for 1 week, has not slept for a second that week, has been in a state of constant agitation, has suddenly shed 10kg, known manifestations of this disease.
Talking to Adinkarella, he told me there was a work that could help him. It’s called Dissonance.
Only a few days after the beginning of Dissonance, he began to calm down, to sleep, and when he woke up, he was another man, started to eat, became more conscious, admitted, and remembered How he calls us, what he calls and what he was talking about was much clearer, more quiet. I never thought she could return.
My son-in-law appeared Zoster Zone on his forehead and on the eyelid’s eye, covering almost the entire eye area.
The operation of chips and killer cells within 1 week was healed and there was no sign.
My two-year-old husband has a inguinal hernia and because she started growing, Adinkarela made an operation and stopped raising that fat. He was told that if he bothers him, he can do it if he does not, that fat will not grow and will resolve over time.
He has not grown for 6 months, has not acted and goes further with the belief that he will resume over time.
Another wonderful work and the first to begin healing and changing, is Deep Energy Cleansing. I have found out that it is the most wonderful gift you can make to a person, a soul. I made a gift to some people with conflicts and peace and quiet in the relationship with these people.

Monica, Bucharest